LOS ANGELES, CA – On the heels of their overwhelming success with its Super Bowl ad featuring ex-football greats second careers, seen by an estimated 300 million people across the world, Wix.com has again turned to production company Committee LA (http://www.committeela.com/), led by Directors Frank Samuel and Jeff Reed, and Executive Producer Lauren Bayer, to produce a new spot (:60, :30) for their on-going #ItsThatEasy campaign, this time featuring supermodel Heidi Klum alongside a returning Rex Lee, from HBO’s “Entourage, playing Klum’s agent.

“Wix is an amazing client that is always looking forward, before the dust settled on their Super Bowl success, we were discussing ways to continue the campaign,” Frank Samuel says, who directed the spot with Committee LA partner Jeff Reed. “Heidi turned out to be a perfect subject because she is already known for her entrepreneurial spirit, which fits in perfect with the Wix brand, and is very comfortable in front of the camera with great comedic timing.”

Like in the previous ad, the spot opens in Rex’s Hollywood office during a client meeting in which he encourages Klum “to do what you always do: start another business, build another website.” From there we see a hilarious montage of Klum’s attempts to find inspiration, all of which are shot down by Lee until a stroke of genius while attending the Academy Awards ceremony (and presumably seeing host Neil Patrick Harris’ underwear skit) leads to “Heidi’s Whities” — her new line of mens underwear. The ad ends with Lee impressed with Klum’s Wix website, and even modeling a pair himself.

“The evolution of Rex seemed like the natural next step,” Reed says. “Internally, we called this spot ‘Rex 2.0’ and embraced his character by making upgrades to his office and showing him out and about in Hollywood and in his client’s world. Heidi and Rex played off each other perfectly.”

For Samuel, this next step in the Wix #ItsThatEasy campaign also marks an important step in the evolution of both Wix and Committee LA itself.

“From the beginning we saw this as an on-going campaign that can grow in many directions and to their credit, the Wix team has trusted us to deliver on that idea,” Samuel notes. “The first ad was sports-focused, which was perfect given the Super Bowl media buy. This time it’s about fashion. With Rex as the conduit, we can go literally anywhere that makes sense to Wix and their marketing goals.”